Wednesday, 26 January 2011

the day i started my book

I made a start at last ive been wanting to do this for over 10 years and today i made the start.
I have no idea what will come of this book/Story but i know it will help me so its not a waste of time :)

i will post the opening feel free to comment :) infact id love you to

Scared of everything by Liza Scott

The last 3 steps always creaked so badly I hated these 3 steps I could never sneak upstairs without the whole house knowing. I would often try and jump over them but never really made it over the third step.
It was bed time again those dreaded words I wished would never come "come on lisa bed time lets have ya" dad would say .I would get up slowly giving kisses and cuddles to everyone saying goodnight. I would not do this out of the goodness of my heart, I did it to prolong my time downstairs.
Creak creak creak!  I was slowing making my way up the big flight of stairs .I had one hour ,one hour until my sister zoe would be sent to bed. This hour was the longest hour of the night for a small child time ticked by so slowly but this hour was never ending for me.
Up to the bathroom I went I needed to go to the toilet and stay on there as long as I could. Staring around the bathroom with big eyes trembling with fear, finally settling my gaze on the same spot I looked at every night the tiny eye hole as I called it, in the bathroom door why was it there, who made it and who is watching me?

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