A Whisper from an Angel: How I Became a Bridge Between Heaven and EarthA Whisper from an Angel: How I Became a Bridge Between Heaven and Earth by Christine Holohan & Verna McHugh

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A Whisper from an Angel  How I Became a Bridge Between Heaven and Earth

How she became a bridge between heaven and earth thats it in a nutshell.Christine Holohan tells us exactly how this started for her and what she has done to use her wonderful gift to help others.Missing people ,murders,messages of hope these are some of the ways in which she helps others,However her "gift" can sometimes be a curse that has been more than she can bare at times.For christine her journey has been worth it,The good outway the bad.And when all said and done this truely is a gift.

This is a true story and a real eye opener weather you are a believer or not this book is well worth a read.I personally loved it and i would love to meet christine she must be a very special lady.This book will stay in my collection and i will bet i will read this again and again.

the worst part of the book is that it had to end :)

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For the Love of My MotherFor the Love of My Mother by J.P. Rodgers

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I thought this was a  good read. John Rodgers tells the story of his mothers life, from being raped to having to give up her baby and her time in one of the infamous magdelene laundrysran by evil nuns.A heartwarming read about one women who never gives up hope on being reunited with her son.Nothing matters but this.

I especially enjoyed the ending and the outcome ,I must admit the middle of the book was long winded and i wanted to reach for the fast forward button in some places but i still enjoyed the book and the story

although this is not one of my favs still worth a read

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