Friday, 14 January 2011

my first day as a book blogger

well i have a square backside from sitting and listing all my books ,books ive read ,books i own and still need to read and books i want to buy and read.
It was fun and i feel all organised and happy with my book collection now.

Before i started to read true to life stories i used to give my books away or recyle them but now i cannot bring myself to part with them they are like a little peice of me ,of who i am so listing them in this way at least i can put them away without missing them or forgetting about them so thanks to kim for getting me all interested in book blogging

I have had fun today and i know i will be spending less time on facebook and more time on my books

now im off to bed with  for the love of my mother by john rodgers currently on page 115 and getting interesting  goodnight


  1. Just hopping by. Welcome to the sometimes wacky but always wonderful world of book blogging.

  2. thank you sweetie and thank you for stopping in by i will visit you too liza x

  3. Yay, Liza! I am glad you started! It is lots of fun! <3

  4. ty hun i hope im doing it right its all new to me lol,thank you for stopping by x

  5. Welcome to the world of blogging. I started 6 years ago and until now, it is part of my every day's life. My blogsites are my online home! By the way, thanks for the invitation to be part of your goodreads' circle of friends.
    This is the blogsite dedicated to my passion for books!Book-Aklat-Libro